What do the different types of user mean?

Breve supports three different types of users. Below is a summary of what each different type of user can do and should be used for.

Account Admin

You will most likely only have a few account admins - these are the people responsible for setting up the security and integrations of your account. They are able to perform every action in your account, including inviting other account admins.


Your producers will usually be your leadership and People or Communications team. They can create and organise updates, including scheduling them and inviting presenters. They are able to publish updates to be viewed by the team.


This will be the majority of your team. These are the folks who can view your updates, ask questions and give feedback.

Separately, you can invite users of any type to present a particular segment - they don't have to be a Producer to do so. Presenters can see the statistics for their segment only, not the entire update.

You can have as many users of each different type as you like - so if you want, everyone in your company can be a Presenter.

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